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Collaborate with the Clock

Tick…Tock…Tick…Tock Do you have a healthy relationship with time? There is very little else in our world that is as consistent as the ticking of time, and yet time rarely feels consistent. Like the swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock, we sway between being overly rushed to mind numbingly bored and can fluctuate between the two … Read more


Top Tips for a better Christmas

Had a good Christmas but think it could have been better? Here are some Top Tips to make sure This Christmas helps to make Next Christmas even better! Go Dasher! Did you spend much of Christmas Day rushing around, dashing between different houses to see all the relatives? Suggest for next year specific days for … Read more


Melting Pot of Celebrations

A Month to Celebrate The Lab Factory is about collaboration, co-working and co-existing together in one space. To do this successfully, we strive to understand each other. Different businesses with different points of views and different ways of doing things. This kind of ethos needs to be carried forward in all parts of our community. … Read more


Christmas traditions bringing us together

December can be a very busy time of year both personally and professionally. Lots of traditions are linked with festive celebrations, making time for loved ones and the excitement of the imminent new year. Here are The Lab Factory, our Labbies represent not only different businesses, but different traditions at this time of year and … Read more


Buy Local this Christmas

Why buy local this Christmas? Like many of the business at The Lab Factory, local businesses pour their heart and soul into their product. And you can buy some amazing products that can’t be found anywhere else. Much better than the massed produced items adorning the shelves in MANY big name stores. And even more … Read more