February 22, 2021

5 Ways Co-Working Space Can Save Your Business Money

The Lab Factory Team

February 22, 2021

5 Ways Co-Working Space Can Save Your Business Money

The Lab Factory Team

coworking space in Rockingham

Co-Working Space is a great way for business owners to reduce costs and expand into new markets. Shared office space provides direct access to all the perks and facilities offered by conventional office space but without the need to enter into a traditional lease with all the hidden costs that accompany it. With contracts that last as little as one month, co-working space offers workers superior agility and flexibility to allow their businesses to grow or downsize as and when needed. Research shows that workers find co-working more productive with 68% saying they are able to focus more working in a co-working space and 71% saying they feel more creative. One of the major reasons why many Australians choose to make use of co-working space is the amount of money it can save them. 

5 Ways to Save Money with Co-Working Space

1. Avoid Hidden Costs

Shared office space eliminates the many risks and hidden costs involved with renting an office. With Co-Working Space there is no need to sign a traditional lease that locks you into a long period of time with all the hidden costs that usually go with it.

2. Pay Only for Space you Need

A membership fee allows you don’t have to worry about extra space for business meetings. With Co-Working Space you can hold meetings and conferences at a desirable business address in a fully kitted-out meeting room.

3. Save on Equipment and Facilities

Co-Working Spaces are fully furnished, pre-cabled, and serviced, ready for immediate use. No need for costly installation fees and signed contracts.

4. Value-added Facilities and Amenities

Co-Working spaces provide multiple spaces designed for individuals or teams that are relaxed, formal, shared, or private. Mix up the day by taking part in interesting sessions and social events that are great for networking and developing a sound business culture.

5. Security

At the end of a working session, you can simply walk out without worrying about security. All the normal administrative and safety issues are taken care of by the management of the shared-office space, saving you money in multiple ways.

The Lab Factory is Rockingham’s premier co-sharing space where business people from all walks of life come together in a professional and inspiring atmosphere to create and grow successful businesses.

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