May 27, 2019

Beautiful Office, Beautiful Art



We are blessed at The Lab Factory.

And we are always looking for new ways to bring the beauty inside the office space for everyone to enjoy.


One way we do that is by collaborations with local artists. Opening up our walls to become their space to display their work. And our latest Resident Artist is certainly delivering the beauty!

Amanda Kimberly is a visual artist residing here in the seaside city of Rockingham with her husband Calem.

As one of 6 siblings, family is incredibly important to her. Amanda loves to spend her time splashing colour, gardening, down the beach or in the bush.

Her talent was spotted by her grandmother which lead to art classes since she was 8 years old. This passion has followed her into adulthood including completing a Fine Arts and Visual Culture degree through Curtin University.

My art explores various ways of portraying nature, with a particular interest in pattern and line. I have a desire to depict a moment of natural beauty as a way of recording the event

“I enjoy experimenting with pattern, texture, and colour to depict various natural forms and intricacies.

I hope for my art to inspire and energize the viewer, as well as instilling a respect for nature.


Amanda’s intend for her artwork is to direct conversation and continue the ongoing fight for the protection of the natural world. Which is why proceeds from the sale of her T-Shirt and tote bag, available on her website, will go towards Orangutang Conservation.

Head down to The Lab Factory to view some of Amanda’s incredible work and check out our co-sharing space

Head over to Amanda’s website and Facebook Page to peruse and purchase her artwork