November 12, 2018

Collaborative Mental Health in 3 easy steps


November 12, 2018

Collaborative Mental Health in 3 easy steps



Collaborative Mental Health in 3 Easy Steps

Here at The Lab Factory, we love our members, affectionately called “Labbies”. We care about their business, but we also care about the people behind the business.

“All work and no play make’s Jack a dull boy” is a very fitting proverb in this co-sharing work space.

So, it makes us very happy when we see the Labbies taking the time and energy to focus on mental health and wellness.

Step 1: Every day can be Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day might be in October, but you shouldn’t wait another 11 months to focus on your mental health.

A study conducted by Beyond Blue showed that 91% of Australian employees believe mental health in the workplace is important, yet one in five Australians have taken time off work due to feeling mentally unwell in the past 12 months.

So, what can be done to increase mental health at work?

Right on the doorstep on The Lab Factory is a beautiful park with lots of greenery and a lake. The walk around the lake is a positive way to spend 15 minutes either on your own to re set your brain, or to grab a colleague or fellow Labbie and chat about anything be it work inspiration or more personal issue.

Fresh air, sunshine and a chin-wag! What could be healthier?!

Parklife Group, one of our co-founding Labbies, has taken this one step further and are now closing their doors on a Wednesday for self-care day.

Kate Stagg, CEO of Parklife says 

Having Wednesdays just to ourselves has helped us refocus our mindset, re-energise ourselves, and de-stress. 
Saying we love it is an understatement.

And as the study shows that “organisations that value mental health are likely to be more productive, creativity and innovation at The Lab Factory is always flourishing.

Step 2: Breath in that salty sea air

Life As Art, another co-founding Labbie, is hosting a 30 day Salt Water Challenge #saltwaterchallenge on their Facebook page and via their Instagram Feed.

“The purpose of The Salt Water Challenge is to promote good mental health and community for the month of November. We know that November is a tough month for many people, with school holidays coming up and the Christmas rush, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Take 5 minutes a day with our #SaltWaterChallenge and just breath. Take some ‘Me Time’, Relax, and let the healing salt water keep you positive and motivated for the month of November.”

So how can you play along?

  • Pack up the family and head down to your local beach. If you take along your furry babies, make sure it’s a dog friendly beach. Find out your nearest one’s via your local council website.
  • Have a drink at your favourite beach café. Don’t have one yet? Well maybe the next idea will help!
  • Take the scenic beach drive home. Wind the window down and listen to the waves crashing and breath in the salty sea air. And keep your eyes peeled for your new favourite beach café!
  • Don’t live near the beach? You could check out your local salt room. Pure Salt Rooms in Mandurah explains all the health benefits of salt without needing to get close to the sand

Whatever you do, just do it. 5 minutes or 5 hours, it will benefit you and everyone around you.

Step 3: Plan for success!

Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”.

So do yourself and your mental health a favour and start planning. Daily diaries, monthly calendars and plenty of spaces for to-do lists are a must for any good planner gives you 6 reasons why you should use a daily planner, including improved productivity, excellent stress relief and a multitude of health benefits by “reducing stress and anxiety, and even having journaling pages for when you just need a good brain dump.”

For the techies out there, there is a long list of apps that are designed to help organise and plan your way to productivity perfection. All designed to help in different ways, lists the best apps out there for planning and organising your small business.

 But if paper and pen is more your style, our lovely Labbie Ashleigh Vincent has developed The Peaceful Planner which is perfect for helping you to  “navigate your way through the messy, exhausting, exciting and wonderful gift we call life!”

Like the sound of our Labbies? Fancy joining us?

Click here to contact us and give yourself a mental high Five!