April 11, 2018

Getting Aligned, Staying Aligned


April 11, 2018

Getting Aligned, Staying Aligned



Alignment is when your outward actions reflect your internal values. This month at The Lab we are focusing on Alignment.

Most of the issues we face in life and in our business are due to misalignment. You could almost venture to say that all problems are somehow due to alignment.


Expectations can be the biggest source of misalignment.

Have you ever had a conflict where a client isn’t happy with the outcomes of a product or service you provided? The client had an expectation of what would be delivered or experienced, and some how the reality didn’t measure up.

As a business owner there are several ways you can react to this scenario.

In yourself you know the product you offered is exactly what you committed to providing.

In this scenario you have self-alignment because your external actions align with your internal standard. However, your customers’ expectations are not aligned with your delivered product. So where do you go from here?

Maybe you need to look at your marketing and messaging. Is it aligned with the product and service you offer? Is your marketing promising more or leaves the customer with an unclear expectation of what to expect. If this is the case then you need to go back and sure up your messaging so it more clearly reflects what a client should expect to receive.

If this isn’t the case, then all you can do is your best to find the middle ground. Every situation is different, but however you decided to respond, make sure that your response is aligned with your company’s (as well as your own) values.


In yourself you know the product you offered isn’t what you committed to.

It’s simple. You need to make it right. No one’s perfect and sometimes we drop the ball. The best thing to do is to own your mistake, and then figure out what you need to realign.

Sometimes the situation is so far gone, there is no way to go back and redo the work. When this happens, we must figure out how to compensate for our mistake. A refund, an offer to complete a different service, or a partial payment are all ways that we can realign after a mistake.

Another reaction to this situation that is often overlooked, is to make an agreement. Take responsibility for your mistake, and then make an agreement with the other person of what changes you will do to make right the wrong. Give the person permission to hold you accountable to your agreement. By giving your word, then following through on it, you rebuild the other persons trust in you and your company. Rebuilt trust means realignment!

Get Aligned at The Lab

One of the advantages to working at The Lab is you have the opportunity to work alongside other businesses that are aligned with the same business values. We have such diversity here, yet it works, because when it comes to the important stuff, like integrity, we all agree.

If you want to work with a dynamic group of people whose values reflect your own, book in for a tour, and come see what makes this space so dynamic!