July 15, 2019

Growing in a Cosharing Space


July 15, 2019

Growing in a Cosharing Space


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Growing in a difficult market, can put pressure on businesses.  But it is possible to thrive in a tough economy, and even gain market dominance.  Working from home as a solopreneur, consultant, creative or other service-related industry can provide distractions or other day to day issues that pop up, that you don’t get when working in a professional office space.

There are many benefits to working in coworking spaces reported by businesses across the globe.


Whilst not all coworking spaces have the same setup or business structure, one of the major factors business owners have identified is the sense of camaraderie and esprit d’corps that they have being part of a larger group of productive people.  Just being able to meet at the water cooler or kitchen for a coffee, a smile or cheery hello can lift spirits which oftentimes is difficult when working from home, or in a single office.

Collaboration & Networking

One of the most underrated reasons for moving into a coworking space is the ability to cross-pollinate ideas and information particularly from people from different business and corporate backgrounds.

Professionally designed workspaces

Working in a modern, upbeat, fun and professionally designed office space can, not only make us think more positively, but provides a great opportunity to be able to meet your clients in a space that is conducive to talking business with less distractions than a café or at home.

Wellbeing & Learning

Cosharing spaces provide opportunities to grow personally and professionally through bringing speakers and specialists to events and functions to allow small business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and developed businesses all learn and grow and share from industry experts.

Flexibility & Control over your outgoings – Shared Services

Ramping up through growth puts pressure on businesses to spend money, sometimes exponentially increasing overheads.  Cosharing spaces provide businesses the opportunity to scale their business with flexibility, providing control over monthly outgoings through the economies of scale in utilising shared services.  For E.g. Hot Desking at Start-up, growing to a single workstation, growing to an office, and growing to a multi-seat office or workspace within the coshared space.  Also decentralised businesses that don’t require the massive infrastructures all needing to be under one roof, thrive in this kind of setup.


Finally, have a structured work environment, where you can walk in the front door and leave at the end of the day is one of the best things for a small business or business owner can do – for themselves, their relationships and their mental health.  You can leave the office at the office, and home is home.  For your business to grow and your personal life to thrive, it’s important to create good boundaries through the structure that cosharing provides.