May 23, 2019

Hot Desk or not to Hot Desk? That is the question…


May 23, 2019

Hot Desk or not to Hot Desk? That is the question…



Hot desks, like everything in business has its pros and cons.

If you are a small business or freelancer, having aspirations of a huge spacious office over-looking the river with its own personal spa and sauna may seem a little far-fetched. But this doesn’t mean you should put up with hunching over a wobbly table that you can barely fit your laptop on. That is not conducive to successful work practices, not to mention at all healthy for you!

Too Hot To Handle

You may think working from home is your only option as renting office space is just too much when its only you. But there is a middle ground between Hollywood penthouse offices and sitting propped up against a week’s worth of dirty laundry at home.

The Lab Factory has a variety space to rent. There are private offices and open plan pod spaces, click here to find out more information on those options.

But there is also the option of Hot Desks.

It’s Getting Hot In Here

The term ‘Hot Desking’ is thought to be derived from ‘Hot Racking’ where sailors used to share bunks depending on their shift. When one sailor would get up for their shift, the sailor who has just finished would go straight into the same bed, still ‘hot’ from the previous occupant!

Hot desking works well for large companies with a transient work force, such as sales reps who are on the road a lot and don’t need a specifically assigned desk.

But it also works well for small businesses or freelance workers who may only need a space to work for a few days at a time.

Hot Reasons for Hot Desking

Our hot desks are set up ready to just slip in to. Have an awesomely productive day supported by:

  • Super-fast NBN WIFI to keep connected to anywhere in the world your business takes you
  • Self-serve teas and coffees to keep the juices flowing
  • Beautiful HMAS Warramunga park right outside for a breath of fresh air to clear your head
  • Rockingham Shopping centre just 400 metres away
  • The nearest train station (Rockingham) and bus stops (lines 548, 549 and 555) are within 50 meters.
  • Free parking nearby

So, stop lamenting that you can’t afford an office space.
Drop us a line for more information
Book your space now and get HOT!
Hot desking that is!