June 5, 2020

Hot Desking During COVID-19

The Lab Factory Team

June 5, 2020

Hot Desking During COVID-19

The Lab Factory Team

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What is Hot Desking?

Modern companies, especially startups, are innovating when it comes to office dynamics. When we say ‘hot desking’, it means that each employee has no assigned desks or cubicles. Instead, they can take whatever seat is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Many office workers of today prefer hot desking as it gives them a greater sense of freedom. They are not confined to one spot in the office. They could even work in a coworking space and hot-desk there with fellow remote workers.

Hot desking can give that coffee shop feels to any office. It’s cool, classy, and contemporary – perfect for younger employees.

How COVID-19 is Affecting Hot Desking

There is always a threat of COVID-19 spreading in shared spaces. Hot desks can then become hotbeds of infection, carrying countless viral particles on their surfaces. For this reason, hot desking has to change.

One thing is sure: strict disinfection measures have to be imposed. Whoever uses the desk must clean it before and after use. That goes for the chairs and other high touch surfaces as well.

Additionally, barriers have to be put in place. As COVID-19 spreads through droplets in the air, offices must put up makeshift walls to minimise the spread of the virus to neighbouring desks.

Physical distancing is a priority and ample space between desks ensures that proper space is left for everyone.

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Precautions Taken at The Lab Factory

At the Lab Factory, we care about your health. Our goal is to provide not just an environment conducive for work, but one that prioritises your well-being too, especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these times, hot-desking isn’t the safest option. Flittering from space to space and sharing germs in the process isn’t a good idea. However, our Pay-as You Go Membership allows you to have your own workspace that is for your exclusive use for the whole day.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces according to all government standards is a rule of thumb here. Desks are always sanitised before any co-worker joins us. All desks are also spaced with barriers ensuring we meet the proper 4 sq metre physical distancing requirements.

Need a workspace today? Come to The Lab Factory and rest easy knowing that our space is COVID safe for you and your clients.