April 8, 2019

Moving forward for Working Mothers



Working Mothers on the rise

The drive to support working mothers back into the work force is great.

  • Support with more child care places,
  • Reducing the costs with Child Care subsidies
  • Work places offering more school friendly work hours

All excellent ways to support mothers returning to work. But there are more ways to support this change.

Encouragement for Dads too

One way is by encouraging the Dads that its ok to be a stay at home dad or a work from home dad.

And that’s where Bluey comes in!

If you’ve not heard about the latest big thing in Children’s cartoons, Bluey is an Australian creation about a Blue Heeler family and their life together.

You can check it out on the ABC iView Player.

The creators of the family of Blue Heelers hit the jackpot with their cleverly made cartoon that not only entertains the kids in a very wholesome way, but finally portrays parents in a more accurate way for 2019.

Bandit, the Dad is a stay at home dad who works from home and is a very hands-on dad with a very close connection with his two girls, Bluey and Bingo.

Chilli, also known as Mum, is very much a secondary character, going to work and other activities outside the home, showing Bandit to be the primary parent.

Role reversal for parents

This is such a refreshing change to see a Dad being shown to be more than capable of looking after his own children. Not a bumbling idiot who needs a detailed itinerary for every minute of the day.

And it’s a great step forward to show children that Mum doesn’t have to be the one to stay at home. The traditional role of the stay at home mother is finally being relaxed and women are being encouraged to have more options. Reminding women that they are allowed a life outside of their family.

Moving forward for Working Mothers

Another way to support the change for working mothers helping with those first initial steps back into the work force. For many, thought of going back to work can be very daunting.

  • People whom you may have been relying on for references may have moved on.
  • Technology advances on a practically daily basis. Skills you thought you had could have easily be outdated  altogether.
  • Maybe the job you had before you had children doesn’t have the same draw as it did before. So you are keen to explore other possible avenues but no clue how to do that.

And that’s where The Lab Factory come in!

The first step is the biggest

Foot in the Door, a program run through The Lab Factory’s not-for-profit arm, “TLF Community”. It is designed to support women wanting to re-enter the workforce after an extended period of absence. Through this program, The Lab Factory is able to support these women with building their skill-set, experience and confidence. With a variety of different areas of business to be experienced, there are so many possibilities to move forward with.

  • Event management
  • E-Newsletter & Email management
  • Social Media management
  • LinkIn profile management

are some of the training opportunities  open through this program.

And with access to many different businesses via our Labbies, you are only limited by your own vision. And we can even help with that!

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