July 23, 2020

Organic Networking Tips

Diana Henderson

organic networking

Every interaction is an opportunity to network professionally. However, sometimes, that’s easier said than done. How do you market yourself or your business to people without being opportunistic or intrusive? Let’s talk about expanding and nurturing your connections through organic networking below.

What is Organic Networking?

Organic networking is a relationship where a conversation between two professionals flow dynamically and spontaneously. It’s like meeting a friend you haven’t spoken to in years but in a business context. It’s an art marked by a good conversation and one that is filled with empathy and intelligence.

Organic Networking Tips

1. Find real empathy

Deepen your connection with prospective clients by tapping on what’s personal to them. Ask and talk about their interests or their careers. Align your communication flow with theirs.

2. Go with the flow

It’s not a job interview. There are no rules or etiquettes, only courtesy, and respect. Speak comfortably, but don’t go beyond comfortable boundaries.

3. Practice organic networking

Facing people and connecting with them on the get-go is not a gift everyone possesses, but it is a skill that can be honed with diligent practice. Find targets constantly. Attend the right events, or go to the right places. Co-working spaces are an excellent place to start for your business growth. They are filled with professionals and small businesses looking to expand their networks and gain opportunities.

How Working at The Lab Factory Can Boost Your Organic Networking

The Collaborative Factory isn’t another standard office where professionals are bound by strict hours and rules. It’s a place of work that allows for a thriving work environment without killing creative thinking. You share co-working facilities with individuals who are open to establishing empathetic and genuine professional relationships.

Does that sound like a fun workplace for you? Leave us a message to apply for space! We offer meeting rooms, desk spaces, tech equipment, postal addresses for members, and a coffee and lunchroom without any added fees.

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