November 5, 2018

Saying NO to normal work practices


Saying no to normal work practices can be very hard to do. Especially when you are trying to build up a successful business. You don’t want to blend into the background and do what is normally done. But at the same time, you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing just for the sake of it. You don’t want to miss any opportunities to help your business and reputation grow.

But saying no doesn’t have to be a bad thing! There are plenty of times when saying no is better for you, your business and ultimately your clients.

Say NO to conventional work spaces

When you think of an office, images of high-rise buildings in the middle of the city spring to mind. Seas of black suits all mindlessly going to sit at a boring desk in a boring office to do boring work.

Thankfully, work spaces don’t have to be like that. More and more co-sharing office spaces are popping up all over Australia, snaking out to the suburbs rather than city centres. These spaces give you the basic structure and amenities of an office, with a lot more flexibility!  Individual Team Offices, Single Desks and Hot Desking offer flexible benefits such as fast “plug and go” set ups and other included amenities.

7 Benefits of using a co-working space

Say NO to boring board rooms

Boardrooms are an office staple – a means to an end. Rectangular rooms with tables, chairs and a screen lend themselves more towards wandering thoughts then productive brainstorming and problem solving. Yet they are a very necessary part of business life.

However, thinking outside the confines of a boardroom could actually increase creativity and productivity according to Nilofer Merchant’s TED talk. She suggests something as simple as having a walking meeting not only brings fresh air but also fresh thinking.  If an open-air meeting is more your style, at The Lab Factory there is a park right out the front door, that allows our members to combine technology with fresh air – the best of both worlds!

When you do need a meeting room, make sure it’s packed with the latest technology to boost your productivity. Meeting rooms available at The Lab Factory are far from boring. Fully equipped with a Cisco Sparkboard, Smart TVs and Super-Fast Wi-Fi, as well as flexible seating and room set up options are available to the members at The Lab Factory. Most of these technologies are outside the budgets of small business, but shared resources mean that businesses, no matter their size, have accessibility to cutting edge technology through co-working.

Say NO to staying in your own box

If you work for an engineering company, you will most likely be surrounded by engineers. If you work for an accountancy firm, your next-door desk neighbour will probably be an accountant. And if you work for a solicitor, surprise surprise, your colleagues will be made up of solicitors! Or in the case of a small business working from home, your office buddies might be your dog, a plant and the same 4 walls you stare at all day every day.

This homogenous environment does not leave much room for original thinking and new ideas.

Collaboration can be defined as “two or more people or organisations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal”. Working in a collaborative office space such as The Lab Factory means that you will be exposed to all the different people, organisations, ideas and ways of thinking to achieve any task or goal. This has the potential to blow your box wide open to possibilities you may have never considered.

Are you ready to say no to normal work practices? Then Let Us Know how The Lab Factory can help you!

Say NO and help your business GROW