March 6, 2018

Simply Human- Collaboration Creates Simplicity


March 6, 2018

Simply Human- Collaboration Creates Simplicity




This month we are focusing our attention on simplifying. Simplicity is defined as “To make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier.” Today we are going to be looking at how collaboration creates simplicity.

In so many ways our lives are more complex than they have ever been- social media, smart phones, and the internet have all contributed to a fast place life full of information. We are inter-connected to each other on a global scale in a way that we have never been in all of human history.

On the flip side, we have so many more options and freedoms than ever before. Less then 100 years ago, we were still washing our clothes by hands, riding horses for transport, and farming our own food. Women couldn’t vote, people were segregated based on race and class, and only a very small percentage of humanity had a voice in making decisions. For all the complications of the modern world we are closer than ever to simplifying our view of each other. The world has opened to diverse collaboration and this collaboration creates simplicity.


We are fighting ageism, sexism, and racism on so many fronts. With each small step forward, we are able to identify each other less by what makes us different, and more by what makes us the same. Human…Simply Human. We are living in an era where we are becoming increasingly more focused on the fact that we are all made out of skin and bones and human souls, and less focused on how those individual parts differ.


Collaboration can be an accelerant in this process of simplifying. It is in the working alongside each other, and doing life together, that we begin to build foundations of understanding. Preconceived ideas fall to the way side when we begin to understand the person instead of the stereotype. Collaboration breaks down barriers and creates simplicity in our interpersonal relationships.  It is in this simplicity that we are able to be less caught up in emotions and politics, and more focused on getting the job at hand finished.


Let’s do a quick “Health Check” on your collaborative health. Thinking about the projects, relationships, and friendships you have invested in over the last 6 month, use this checklist to measure how diverse your collaborative pool is.

  1. How many days a week or month do I collaborate with others?
  2. How diverse is the group of people I collaborate with? Are they diverse in…



-Socio economics


-Race and/or Culture

-Family Status (Married, Single, Kids, No kids)

-Political and Religious Views

  1. Is there a specific point of diversity that isn’t represented in my collaborative relationships over a 6 month period and If so what can I do to fix that?


The Lab Factory has such a diverse representation of humanity in our doors. We have men and women who, on any given day, are working alongside 19 year olds right through to those in their mid-50’s. Our members hail from India, England, Ireland, The US, and Australia. We have singles through to those with large families. There is such a great diversity here, and it is in this diversity that we are able to daily come to understand that we are all SIMPLY HUMAN.

Here at The Lab we are are all simply doing our best with what we have, but when we bring it together and share it around, it transforms into so much more.


If this sounds like a place you would like to belong, or you are committed to widening your collaborative relationships, please contact us via our contact page. We will send out an Expression of Interest and organise a meet up to discuss further. We would love to have you join our vibrant group of humans and find the simplicity that a collaborative workspace has brought to all of our lives.