The TLF Community is a registered not for profit, that is dedicated to supporting small businesses, our community, and innovative ideas through education, training, and mentorship.

We are given two hands, one to take what we need, and one to give to other’s need
The health of a business can be measured not just by how much it takes in profits, earnings, and products, but also by how much it gives back to the local or global community. When we have been given much we become stewards of what we have been given. Good stewardships is using our own abundance to help others. The Lab Factory is a collaborative workspace that functions as an Ideas incubator in Rockingham, WA and TLF Community is the not for profit hand that gives back.

Three Paths, One Destination
TLF Community uses three different distinct avenues to give back- Programs, Internship, and Business Incubation.

Programs and Courses

TLF Community offers a yearly calendar of Programs that are open to a diverse group of individuals, businesses, and organisations. Some of the coming year’s offerings include beginners photography classes, social media marketing courses, Beginning Photoshop skills, and Marketing Strategy Planning.

Internship Partnerships

Through a collaboration with leading universities and colleges, TLF Community is proud to support some of the best and brightest interns in the fields of business, graphic design, and photography at The Lab Factory in the 2017 School Year. These exceptional interns will be in a unique position to rub shoulders with some of the leading industry leaders not only in their own field but many other business fields as well. They will be able to experience first hand how successful business collaboration works and how collaboration positively impacts the emerging economy.

Business Incubation

Cutting Edge and Innovative business startups are given the launchpad they need to launch their products and ideas into the local and global market through the TLF Community Incubation. TLF Community offers these innovators a helping hand to get started. With a 12 month monitored program these businesses have everything they need to be successful-Expert support, mentorship from industry leaders, and strategic business planning that is uniquely tailored specifically to their business. TLF community helps great ideas become a reality. We believe in supporting the innovative ideas that change our world into a better place.

Home Sweet Home

Programs, Internships, and Business Incubation three different paths that all lead to individuals, businesses and communities being a better place. Three paths that all lead to a better, healthier planet to call home.