November 23, 2020

Why Are Coworking Spaces Growing In Australia?

The Lab Factory Team

November 23, 2020

Why Are Coworking Spaces Growing In Australia?

The Lab Factory Team

man working in coworking space

Coworking spaces are so popular in Australia that a recent study estimated that they would triple in number by 2030. The rise of project-based companies in the last few years has contributed to the popularity of flexible workspaces, but there are more reasons why the demand for coworking spaces continues to be massively impressive.

Reasons why coworking spaces are popular in Australia

1. Coworking spaces are flexible and more economical.

Companies have successfully lowered their operating costs by coworking their workspace, and they can redirect their savings on rent to other aspects of their business. Some of the other benefits of using coworking space for your business are that they also save on services that flexible spaces already provide, such as utilities, furniture, reception services, and even the internet.

Coworking spaces also have quite flexible terms – you can rent just one desk or several, for a month or a year, or for however long you wish. Without the commitment to a time-bound lease, you can expand or downsize your staff according to your business’s needs and demands.

2. A coworking office provides professionalism.

Instead of meeting clients in random coffee shops without privacy or comfort, you can impress them with your vibrant coworking space. The coworking office space is often beautifully designed and bustling with activity and extends its professional appearance to your business.

3. The creative atmosphere of a coworking office space raises productivity.

As you see workers from other companies moving around the shared spaces, the sense of purpose that people emit can be contagious! When you see others working hard within the same area, you are motivated to also work hard. Read some of the top tips for a productive workspace which may help to enhance your productivity further.

4. Coworking spaces open up networking opportunities.

Coworking businesses tend to collaborate on projects because of the convenience of proximity and familiarity from sharing lunch and coffee breaks in the same area. They usually proceed to introduce each other to their networks. You must brush up your organic networking skills which will definitely help you.

5. Amenities and facilities make you love your workplace.

Competitive coworking entrepreneurs have invested in luxurious and cozy facilities, better sofas, fully stocked pantry, more tea and coffee choices, technologically-advanced meeting rooms, rooms for games and recreation, etc.

If you find these reasons compelling enough to move your business to a coworking space, enquire today about how The Lab Factory’s expansive co-working spaces could help your business grow and thrive.